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Feedback and Testimonials


"I very much enjoyed the Dorn method training with Brigitte and would highly recommend it to all body workers. It’s a practical safe and effective method to help people realign themselves. Therefore a powerful tool for the therapist and the client. Brigitte is a kind, knowledgeable and supportive trainer. What more would you want. 10/10 and a million gold stars from me!"

Caroline, Devon Feb 23

"This is a simple yet powerful therapy which is followed by a Breuss spinal massage at the end. Those therapies compliment each other and at the end deliver a nice relaxing and refreshing feeling to the client. I can’t wait to put it into practice. The workshop was full of hands on experience and Brigette was very helpful and happy to advise and to answer any

questions. Overall 5 ⭐️." 

Michaela, St Albans Feb 23

"The Dorn Method is such a gentle yet effective treatment to improve skeletal alignment and Brigitte is a great teacher. I feel lucky to have you based so locally and to have been able to access the course".

Jenny, Leamington Oct 22

"As a physiotherapist and also worked under a Dorn practitioner, I clearly know how Dorn Method works and visually seen lots of patients recovering from 15-70 aged peoples and I somehow found Brigitte, who is a wonderful Dorn teacher and those 2 days I've learnt a lot and I can see the difference in my patients with help of Dorn and physiotherapy combined. Somehow I feel so proud as I can give a massive change in my patients life."

Ravi Pitchaimuthu, India

"After having quite a few Physio sessions on my back without seeing any major changes, I decided to see Brigitte. After just three sessions, my lower back pain has gone! Anyone who is struggling with back pain, I would highly recommend this treatment method, it's gentle but very effective and most importantly it works. The massage after is amazing too. Thank you Brigitte for dramatically improving my quality of life".

Carole G, Honeybourne

"Just had a fabulous thorough realignment of my entire spine, I feel invigorated and inspired, with specific information on the emotional content to do self-work. Loving this".

Roni F, Alderminster

"After my first Dorn Method session I was immediately able to reach down and place both hands flat on the floor when previously I could only just touch my toes. My back and pelvis were so much looser and surprisingly (because I didn't expect Dorn to have this effect) since October 2016 I have been sleeping much better all round. Dorn is such a gentle therapy and the exercises definitely help to maintain the improvement achieved. My husband is a golfer and had one Dorn session, the next day he scored 3 Par 3's and 3 Birdies - his swing was especially improved due to the increased range of movement!"

Liz F, Leicestershire

"Wow, after years of suffering with lower back pain since a young age now feel so free to move and balanced. Fantastic treatment with self help techniques that can empower you to end your suffering. Very powerful yet something for Everyone to do and maintain their well-being. Can't recommend enough."

Jo S, Bicester

"My thanks to Brigitte for the freedom she had given me after 49yrs of constant back pain and surgery to correct a problem and then be told by specialist there's nothing more I can do so deal with it. Brigitte was recommended to me but having had surgery I didn't think she would help. How wrong was I, she listened to everything I told her, made copious notes and then make her magic fingers do their work. After the first treatment I had a full 5hrs sleep instead of one or none, my pain had decreased to the point of less painkillers. I was in a dark and desolate place with the constant pain and time was taking its toll, now I have come through that place to where I feel free, happy and in a better place. I will continue with top ups. Thank you Brigitte for listening and for all your wonderful work."

Helen S, Stratford

"I have had a problem with turning my neck to its full range for some time. I have tried several other therapies, including chiropractic, but none have enabled me to use my neck as well as I should be able to use it. I have also had a painful hip for the last few years, which has caused me some little trouble lately. I am an active man, dancing, gardening and generally doing anything in the do-it-yourself line, therefore, I was beginning to become a little concerned about the hip problem. On my first treatment with Brigitte, she found the spot and with a bit of a click, suddenly my neck was free! My hip also improved. I am now doing the exercises suggested and maintaining the improvement. An excellent treatment, simple, effective and value for money."

R Frost, Knowle

"Having tried the doctor, an osteopath, a physiotherapist, chiropractor, a sports massage, Bowen therapy, someone who specialises in bio-mechanics and pain killers, I was finally lucky enough to be told about the Dorn method. I have suffered from sciatica for several years now and although it was sometimes less painful than others, it was still there. I had begun to think the only solution might be surgery. Brigitte saw me a few weeks ago for the first time and since then the sciatica has begun to get better on each visit. I suffer PMR (polymyalgia rheumatica) which is a painful condition affecting the muscles and was a little uncertain as to how I would react to the Dorn treatment. I need not have worried, Brigitte is very thorough, knows her therapy and is interested in treating her patients and getting them more mobile and out of pain. It is important, though, that one is prepared to do the very simple exercises she recommends which take only a few minutes in the morning and evening, as these help to strengthen the muscles. I have fewer aches and pains in my neck and shoulders as a result of the treatment and would say to anyone - try it as it might just be the solution to your problems. Thank you, Brigitte

Anne R, Solihull

"I can't express how happy I am to have discovered this wonderful method and you at the same time!"

Camilla, Blockley

"I have recently been suffering from extreme shoulder pain. Tom was brilliant and located the area of pain immediately and has significantly reduced the tension and pain. I have seen Tom in the past and would always go back to him and would highly recommend him!"

Angela B, Stratford


"My back at the moment has improved massively. Thank you Tom for fixing me over the last couple of weeks! Such a relief!"

J A, Stratford


"I would welcome anyone who suffers from back, body discomfort or continuous pain to have a treatment using the Dorn Method. I have had a back problem since 1977 from a motorcycle accident. I used other methods of correction to my back over the years but found the Dorn Method so easy to understand and have applied daily exercise to help my condition. I believe we have a duty to take care of our bodies throughout our lives and the Dorn Method is a major part of my life that helps me stay good. It is such a gentle manipulation with leg or arm movement (in my case) that repositions any misalignment that my back has. My body will let me know if my back is out, by sending a message of pain to me. Once this occurs I will contact Brigitte who will always find time to see me as soon as possible."

Jeremy Riley, Warwick

"I met Brigitte in 2004 when she came to see me as a customer. As I've had back problems for vaguely 23 years at that specific time she suggested a new method of treatment which was called the DORN Method. I was amazed on how good this treatment works and it's virtually pain free. After only 2 sessions lots of my pain had almost disappeared. Brigitte gave me tips on how to keep me pain free which I tried to keep as much as possible. I can’t be grateful enough for what happened and can’t thank Brigitte enough for what she did. I can only strongly recommend her help to anybody who needs it. That is if you don’t want to take painkillers all your life."

Helena R, Stratford

"I hurt my lower back as a young mum with 3 children. All the GP would advise was `take paracetamol when required and lay down for 5 days`; as most of you realize with 3 young children, this was just not possible.
In May 2004, I hurt my mid-back section at work, again was advised rest, painkillers galore and time, x rays didn’t reveal anything. 18 months of pain hell, my daughter introduced me to Brigitte and the Dorn Method; and I’ve never looked back since that day. Together with her help and the exercises she showed me to help myself, I am more mobile and confident. I can drive comfortably, walking has eased, and being able to sit with my family all through a meal is great, I really feel that I have my quality of life back, where I want it plus I can return for a top-up with Brigitte when I need to. I WOULD RECOMMEND THE DORN METHOD TO EVERYONE THAT IS SUITABLE FOR IT and Brigitte was great, caring, considerate and she actually listened to what I said without judgment, a very big THANKYOU Brigitte, for everything."

Karen, Swindon

"Having suffered with upper back problems since being a teenager carrying a very heavy satchel for 6 years – and ‘putting up’ with it, it seems like a miracle to me to have had such a ‘gentle’ treatment that has aligned my ‘crooked’ vertebrae after only 2 visits to Brigitte using the Dorn Method. I would recommend the treatment to anyone with a back problem; a gentle, successful – no crunching and clicking – relief."

Teg B, Stratford

"I have recently had two treatments from Brigitte, and I am amazed at the results. I have a longstanding chronic back issue that developed in my early 20's when having to constantly lift an infirm relative. It left me with years of extremely painful lower back and hip problems, and in recent years neck problems. The re-allignment treatment and home exercises are really helping me feel stronger, better balanced, and have given me the ability to relieve my own pain. I know that I only need to go back for maintenance treatment, and I have to say that the spinal massage at the end of the second treatment was fantastic, and when Brigitte had finished, I was left wondering how I would ever got off the couch as I was so incredibly relaxed! Brigitte is extremely knowledgeable, and I was immediately comfortable in her company, and am very pleased with the outcome of my Dorn Method treatment."

Fran F., Coventry

"After years of suffering with back pain....I finally decided to do something about it.... I just got back from my visit to Brigitte Nath at Dorn Haus where I experienced the gentle Dorn therapy, Brigitte was able to balance my body, locate the cause of my back pain & start making corrections with free advice to take away with me too! Absolutely Amazing! I highly recommend that you take a visit if you suffer from back or joint pain - My dancer friends out there should definitely take a look! Really beneficial."

Sophie Tate, Coventry

"After suffering with a bad shoulder for a few weeks I decided to make an appointment with Tommy to see if there was anything that could be done. He talked me through everything first and then explained what he was going to do. I felt so at ease and everything was explained whilst the treatment was going on. I felt so relaxed and once the treatment was complete felt a lot better straight away. I have already booked my next treatment and can't wait to be pain free again. A very competent and smashing young man who knows his stuff."

Ian F, Stratford

"I've suffered painful shoulders for a long time, which is probably related to my mad cycling sport. I've been having weekly sports massage to address these pains with Tom and have to say that he has been brilliant. Not only has he sorted out my upper body issues, which is now much more flexible and pain free, but he now also regularly works on my cycling legs which helps especially after I've done a lot of miles. I would highly recommend Tom as he is very professional and knows his stuff. A help for anyone with muscle problems that's for sure!"

Gerard N, Stratford

"Dorn really is a wonderful method. I went to see Brigitte several times because of really bad headaches. She could not only relief the pain but she also showed me different exercises that I can do at home. And it really works. I feel much better now! Thanks a lot."

Cordula B

"Superb treatment from Tom. I've had massage to release tight neck and shoulders many times over many years. Never as good or as effective as at Dorn Haus massage."


​"Went to see Tom for general maintenance as started weight training. As I'm a sports therapist myself of 13 years, I can confidently say that Tom is an excellent therapist and you're in good hands. Thanks Tom. I will be down again soon".
Lee John Christie

"Having suffered from back pain for decades DORN Technique as treatment is perfect for me and the Massage Therapy by Tom either before or after makes a real difference to the recovering process. Could not recommend him more highly."

Alain R, Todenham

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