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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Dorn Method safe?
This form of manual therapy can be considered very safe indeed as there are no sudden thrust moves, no jerky manipulation and no heavy forces involved. All moves are carried out very gently and in full active co-operation and participation with the Dorn Method therapist. 
How many sessions do I need?
In many cases two or three sessions are sufficient initially, however depending on individual circumstances regular maintenance (MOT) sessions may be recommended.
Does the Dorn Method use medication?
The Dorn Method works together in harmony with the body, involving gentle manual techniques without the use of any medications. 
When is the Dorn Method not suitable?
The Dorn Method is not suitable for the following conditions: Acute inflammation or fever, paralysis, acute migraine attacks, recent accidents, post surgery of discs, cancer, acute prolapsed discs, ongoing cortisone medication due to possible brittle bones and immobility. Please seek the advice of your GP.
Is the Dorn Method similar to other therapies such as Chiropractic or Osteopathy?
The techniques used during Dorn therapy are quite different and involve gentle sensitive corrections applied using dynamic motion with the recipient actively participating and assisting the therapist.
Who can do the Dorn self-help exercises?
Anybody who is physically able to do the exercises as shown by a Dorn Practitioner beforehand.
Is it safe to do the Dorn self-help exercises?
It is completely safe to do these exercises once shown correctly by a Dorn Practitioner.
How often do I need to do the exercises?
It is better to do the exercises more frequently (daily, we are talking about 2 minutes a day) than doing it too intensive in one session. Please be advised by your therapist.
Why try a different approach to Back pain therapy?
While Dorn Method can be very beneficial for a wide range of individuals who experience back or joint pain or postural problems, it is especially appealing to those looking for a gentle, non-invasive and logical approach.
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