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Who should learn the Dorn Method?

I started using the Dorn Method over 18 years ago and to my delight saw immediate positive results with friends and family. Fast forward to today and I now run my own Dorn Method clinic near Stratford upon Avon, where clients come to see me simply based on referrals. I receive great recommendations and feedback all the time because Dorn just works!

Back pain is so very common it therefore just makes sense for people involved in healthcare to learn basic Dorn Method principles; it's such a valuable skill you can easily and quickly take on board at relatively low cost, and which can also help you develop your own business.


Complementary Therapists           

Bowen Therapists           

Sports Massage Therapists  



Massage Therapists        

Physio Therapists         

Physical Therapists

Body & Movement Professionals   

Pilates and Yoga Teachers

Personal Trainers           

PE Teachers         

and more


Even those not involved in a professional capacity can benefit by being able to help family and friends who suffer from common ailments such as Back Pain, Sciatica, headaches and the likes. Dieter Dorn wanted the Dorn Method to be available to all and its techniques are relatively easy for most people to learn as well as safe to apply.

Learning Dorn will give you a great skill that you will find invaluable, it's the perfect 'bolt-on' therapy that will complement your existing practices.

You will discover a set of easy to learn, safe Dorn Method techniques that will enable you to help your clients overcome a list of common health conditions. Additionally, you will also be able to show your clients simple self-help techniques that they can take away with them.

Reasons why you should learn Dorn 

Back pain is very common, in fact it is probably the single most cause of time missed away from work. I know many of my clients who originally came for other treatments such as Indian Head Massage ended up getting Dorn Method therapy for their back pain too. It can affect people of all ages, and be very painful and debilitating.
Therefore doesn't it just make sense to have the knowledge and skill to be able to help people who suffer from this common health problem? The Dorn Method is such a valuable skill to have that will pay dividends over and again.

Extremely valuable skill

The Dorn Method is one of the easiest to learn Back and Joint care therapies you'll come across, making it absolutely ideal for all Complementary Therapists, especially those who are cost conscious or limited for time. An intensive two day workshop will teach you all the fundamentals enabling you to start helping others straight away.
Some people wonder how it is possible that Dorn can be so effective when there is such a short learning curve, but as in most things in life, it doesn't have to be complicated to be successful, and in the case of Dorn its own success speaks for itself. Dorn focuses on restoring balance to the body using very effective and easily learned techniques. 

Easy to learn
Reputation & Career Prospects

Being a Complementary Therapist able to successfully help people with their Back and Joint pain, has brought me many new Clients through word of mouth recommendation, something I found harder to achieve with my other Therapies offered. Learning Dorn will give you a valuable skill that can enhance your career prospects, and if you practice Dorn regularly so you become more proficient at helping others, this can only help your reputation and develop your business.
I recently received news from a Complementary Therapist who attended one of my workshops only a few weeks ago, praising the effect Dorn is having, saying "...I really believe in this method...I never realised the effect it would have on everyone including myself."

Personal Satisfaction

In most cases The Dorn Method works quite quickly to restore balance and relieve people from their pain, and who are then subsequently able to quickly get back on with their lives.
There is nothing quite like the feeling of being able to help free people from their pain and discomfort, which generates a lot of joy and personal satisfaction.

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