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The Breuss Massage



Dorn therapy can be combined with a very relaxing spinal massage called the Breuss Massage. It is a gentle Massage that safely stretches, nourishes, aligns and energizes the Back. The Breuss massage can be useful when the client has severe sciatic pain, where the massage then helps to take away some of the pain and tension, helping to make Dorn therapy more effective.

History of the Breuss Massage

The Breuss Massage was developed by the late Austrian Healer Rudolf Breuss and combines perfectly with the Dorn Method. Rudolf Breuss said that there is no such thing as ‘wear’ of intervertebral disc but instead that the discs are ‘degenerated’, he was convinced that regeneration was possible.

The spine is like any other living organism, which is in a constant state of ‘stress and relief’. It not only needs nourishment and rest, but also the right amount of ‘stress’ in the form of active movements to maintain its strength and function. During the day our spine and especially our ‘discs’ are stressed and they need to fulfil their duty as shock-absorbers whenever we stand, walk or sit.

These discs are consequently squeezed and some of the liquid within gets out making the discs thinner. We are actually a little shorter in the evening compared to the morning after standing up. During sleep the spine relaxes and stretches out, and the discs can somewhat regenerate. This mechanism is altered in a negative way when our metabolism is not in balance or impaired for many different reasons.

The Breuss Massage actually stretches the spine, and acts rather like a whole nights worth of healthy sleeping. After the Breuss Massage, the Dorn Method is much easier to carry out because in this relaxed state, the spine can be more easily and painlessly re-aligned.

This combination of both Dorn therapy and Breuss massage provide a very effective tool to gently align the spine and joints, and regenerate the whole body system in a simple and very effective way.

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